Visualize Your Life

You’re  in a state of colorful confusion, with so many possibilities swirling around. How do you decide what to do? You know you want to make a change,but to what? You’re feeling stuck, confused and frustrated.

From colorful confusion to clarity; from uncertainty to confidence; from being stuck to taking action.

The carefully crafted VisualsSpeak images help you integrates your intuition, creativity and analytic thinking. You discover your own keys to change. I guide you in the process, helping you clarify and create open-ended questions. I provide a written guide to exploring the collage you create from the image cards. This package includes a written guide and one 45-minute call to help you go deeper with your discoveries.

Steps in the Visualize Your Life Process

  1. A 30-minute call to develop an open-ended question to explore using the online Image Center.
  2. Using the online Image Center, create a collage in response to your question.
  3. Explore the collage, with the aid of the provided guide.
  4. A 45-minute call to deepen the discoveries and identify next steps.


Investment: $200.


Move from “colorful confusion” to clarity. Identify realistic next steps for moving forward.

Use the button below to schedule a no-cost Initial Conversation. After that, I will help you access and use the Image Center.


“The ‘Let’s Get Unbusy’ webinar was awesome! Since that first meeting, I’ve cut back on the bad things I was doing, like eating that extra piece of chocolate or skipping breakfast. I’m doing more of the good things, like hitting the gym daily, and HARD! I’m feeling a lot better and am actually making great progress in the business as well as with my state of mind. Looking forward to the next one.”
Ryan James

Founder and Chief Supply Giver, Startup Savant & Startup University

Purpose Clarity Intensive

At one time or another, we all search to discover, or to redefine the sense of purpose that fully engages us in our life and our work.

Finding – or redefining – your purpose can be lonely work. But it doesn’t have to be.

Discovering the answers together makes the journey fun, inspiring and productive.

You receive: Five individualized coaching sessions plus a participant workbook.


  1. Preparing the Way: Identifying your definitions of “success” and “purpose.” Identifying your skills and interests.
  2. Brainstorming: imagining a full range of possibilities, based on your thoughts, skills and interests.
  3. Synthesizing: Weaving together what you’ve discovered and creating real possibilities,
  4. Planning: Your current vision, things to explore, general next steps.
  5. Looking Ahead: Barriers, resources, supports needed, specific next steps.



The Purpose Clarity Intensive converts your passions and interests into a clear purpose, direction and focused action.  Investment: $760

Let’s Get UnBusy Intensive

In a world of nonstop urgency, how do you find time for what matters most? The Let’s Get UnBusy process provides 5 individualized coaching sessions. They help you shift from reacting to others’ urgent demands and priorities to making choices based on what’s important to you. You’ll even find a place on your priority list  for self-renewal.

Let’s Get UnBusy takes you from overwhelmed to in control.

Steps in my signature Let’s Get UnBusy process:

1.Deepening Awareness

2. Clarifying

3.Expanding Possibility

4.Creative Planning

5. Moving Forward.

Investment: $800. Results: A decluttered and in-control way of being, thinking and planning that allows time for what matters most.

You receive: Five hours of creative, individualized coaching; support, inspiration and motivation; between-session email or phone check-in; and between session exercises and worksheets (that I promise won’t take up too much of your time).


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One-on-One and Group Coaching

These expertly facilitated group sessions are kept small to allow participants to enjoy interacting with and learning from one another.  Both one-on-one and group sessions are held in person and via video conference or teleconference.

Group Session Investment: $100 per 75-minute session.

Individual Rates: Start at $200/per session

Coaching packages available that reduce the hourly rate.


  1. Listening (by the coach) and discovery (by you).
  2. Identifying goals and the desired outcomes of coaching.
  3. Individually tailored exercises using observation, reflection, writing, imagery, and expressive arts.
  4. Meaningful conversations focused on the questions and issues of most importance to you.
  5. Celebrating successes and achievements, identifying next steps.


Flexible and focused on you, these sessions use individualized, creative approaches focused on helping you reconnect with what matters most.


Achievement of the goals that matter to you. You can expect increased clarity, focus, achievement and well-being.

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“Thank you so much for our session on Friday. You are so awesome in creating a safe space for important conversations. I have been thinking about it a lot. Thank you for leading me to some important discoveries, and for making me feel good about it along the way. Very inspiring. Since our session I’ve made some important changes. I’m moving forward with marketing my business – things I knew I needed to do but was putting off. I feel much more clear and confident as a result of the use of the VisualsSpeak cards and our discussion. I’m very excited to be getting past the things that were holding me back!”

Licensed Esthetician, Terri Doan

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