The Write Way to Well-Being

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Is there a difficult, disruptive or traumatic past event that’s still on your mind today?

Would you like to put it to rest and move on from it?

Discover the power of writing to take you from weighed down to freed up!

Expressive writing and other writing approaches can help you move forward from past disruptive experiences and improve  your health, happiness and well-being.

Expressive writing allows us to integrate and make meaning of past difficult, disruptive, or traumatic events. More than three decades of research demonstrate that expressive writing improves markers of physical health, supports emotional health, strengthens relationships and improves academic and work performance. Participants report feeling better, happier and more at peace. Current research is building a knowledge base supporting the beneficial impacts of transactional, poetic, affirmative and legacy writing.

This online workshop lets you write privately while in the supportive company of others. Each week for five weeks, we’ll spend 75 minutes together, writing and then reflecting on what we experienced as we wrote. You’ll have expert and warm facilitation, with suggestions for continuing the writing on your own.

Wait, you say, I’m not a writer! Never fear; writing  skills not required! We discuss the writing experience, and do not share or critique what you write.

We meet online using Link and call-in info sent with confirming message.

Bonus: Detailed, carefully written Participant Workbook AND a 30-minute individual Looking Ahead session to help you with with next steps and future plans.


  • Week 1: Expressive Writing: write privately about a past emotional disruption, integrating this experience into your life story so you shift your perspective, gain further understanding and move forward.
  • Week 2: Transactional Writing: address unfinished business, express positive feelings, wishes and intentions.
  • Week 3: Poetic Writing: use narrative and poetic forms for telling your story. Structure is provided so that you don’t need to be a novelist or poet to do this!
  • Week 4: Affirmative Writing: identify and claim strengths and talents; describe a realistic, positive vision for your future.
  • Week 5: Legacy Writing: write about your values, life lessons, major turning points and share your wisdom.

While specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed, participants typically are able to integrate disruptive past events into their ongoing life story and both immediately and over time notice improvements in moods, increases in positive thoughts and improvements in health and well-being.

TO PREPARE: Have your favorite journal, writing paper and pen, or electronic device. At times we’ll be drawing or doodling, so paper, markers, etc for simple art exercises will be needed. By the way, you don’t have to be an artist, either! To join the webinar you’ll need a computer or mobile device with a headset, microphone and camera. You also can join by phone.

Register now to save your spot! Group size is limited to allow for discussion and information sharing.


The class taught me a new way to structure how I journal to help process some of the trauma I’ve been through and reduce the amount of stress I’m carrying around on a daily basis. I feel better after journaling, lighter and more energetic for days after.

The affirmative writing was amazingly helpful. I was able to present myself  confidently in job interviews, to say, “Hey, these are my strengths and skills. Here’s what I can do for you.”

I see a chance in my thoughts since taking this workshop. They are positive..


Write Way to Well Being workshop participants

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