Still running with the #Quest2015 pack in which Jeffrey Davis leads us in taking 12 days with 12 visionary leaders to imagine our best 12 months. You can still get involved, we’re an informal and welcoming pack.

This is our third prompt to respond to. Michael Bungay-Stanier throws down this challenge:

Who are you willing to disappoint or offend or upset or abandon… for the sake of the Great Work that’s calling you for your best 2015?

Whew. Have to think about this. Who am I willing to abandon? That strikes me as so harsh. And yet, I have have left homes, people, jobs, a career, a marriage. I’ve left parts of myself that I wanted to let go. But abandon? As in totally cut off forever? I don’t think so. Is there something or someone or someplace I need to abandon now?

“No,” I first think. But wait. Yes there is. How about abandoning the fear that holds me back from trying new things, or new approaches. What about abandoning harmful criticism of myself and others. What if I abandon “shoulds” that constrict my thinking so I can see the possibilities of “coulds”  that will lead me to doing Great Work in 2015?

Then there’s the other sense of abandon. As in living, loving, creating and laughing wholeheartedly, with abandon. What if in the next 12 months I create my work, my life and myself with abandon? What will that look like? What wilI I achieve?

Would doing this disappoint somebody? Offend some people? Upset anyone?

What are you willing to abandon?

Photo credit: “Sunset Hopping” by reebs* – Sunset Hopping. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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