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It was a great delight that GinnyLee Taylor joined last week’s Let’s Get UnBusy webinar. She is hte founder of Women of Wonder, a creative, healing resource where women who have experienced sexual abuse ] find their courage, their voice and their path forward. Ginny and I met through Tracking Wonder’s Quest2015 and have stayed connected since. I recommend you visit her beautiful site and read her weekly wonder posts. They’re a useful guide for all of us.

Ginny thoughtfully commented that:

For the longest time, I needed to look busy at work to feel validated as a human being. It felt like if I wasn’t busy, I wasn’t productive and I wasn’t normal. Everyone was busy…It took me a long time to learn to try to be unbusy and to know that that’s okay.

This week’s blizzard brought the Baltimore and so many other areas an opportunity. As our record-breaking snow accumulated on Saturday, our normal weekend routine of chores, errands, an evening out – of doing things – was not possible. Instead, it was possible to just be. And – not to over-romanticize – to shovel until every muscle ached! I realize how lucky I am to have lived this historic storm as a chance to get unbusy. If you spent this storm keeping others safe, or if you lost power or otherwise struggled during the storm, it was probably not a time you consider a gift.

I’ve been thinking about that, the differences our contexts make in our experiences, and appreciating the opportunity for thinking, remembering and just being. And then I heard this podcast. Listen to author Carl Honore’s comments on “What Happens When You Slow Down.”

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