This is one of the best posts I’ve read on busy-ness. It’s written by Quest2015 pack member Brenna Layne. Thank you, Brenna for so awesomely capturing where busy-ness comes from, what it feels like and finding a way to stop it.

An excerpt:

The thing is, getting rid of stuff is the easy part. It’s the minimalizing of other aspects of life that’s truly soul-wrenching. After I pared down my things, I began to pare down my commitments. I simplified my schedule so that I could focus on the essential–my family, my writing.

But I’ve done a horrible job of focusing on myself.

Just typing that feels weird. It feels self-centered, egotistical, even hedonistic. After all, I’m a good Protestant girl. The spiritual descendant of Pilgrimmy folk. Puritans. Work-hard-and-do-your-duty peeps. Compound that with being an oldest child (the weight of the entire freaking world is on my shoulders!!) and being a woman (it is my job to do ALL THE THINGS!!) and a mother (LIVES are at stake!! Or psyches, at least!!), and you will begin to understand just how cluttery it is inside my head.