We all have so much busy-ness! We don’t question it. Who has time to? We just keep going until we can’t, or don’t want to, anymore. There’s a difference between being productively and happily busy, and being controlled by busy-ness which I call “bad busy.” I define that as over-committing, over-scheduling, and over-functioning until physically, emotionally, or both, something starts feeling wrong.

Recently I’ve heard myself saying that there are things I really want to be doing, but I’m “too busy” for them. Well, I have to ask, just how did I get “too busy?” It’s a fine question, because as my own boss, it seems that I’m the one who got me into this spot.

Prompted by a discussion during Friday’s Mastermind Group Retreat, I’ve been thinking about this:

What is my busy-ness trying to tell me?

It must have some function in my life. Rather than fighting it, denying it, or struggling to keep up with it, it’s time I sat down with a cup of coffee and a journal to ask myself some questions about my busy-ness. I’ll be interested to see where the answers take me.

I scheduled a full day in early September do this, and some other thinking as well. Here are the busy-ness questions that I am going to ask. If they seem useful to you, go ahead and use them. If you have a chance, let me know what you come up with.

  • What is the purpose of busy-ness in my life?
  • Does busy-ness give me something?
  • Is busy-ness protecting me from something?
  • What happens if I give up my busy-ness?
  • How do I feel when I am “too busy?”
  • How do I feel when I am just busy enough?
  • Is there a risk involved in giving up the busy-ness?
  • Do I want to give up my busy-ness?
  • What will I gain if I give up my “busy-ness”?

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