Celebrating what I like best about solopreneurship!

Celebrating what I like best about solopreneurship!

19 months into solopreneurship, here’s what I like best:

  1. Fun – I get to learn and try out new things.
  2. Integrity – My values and beliefs shape my work.
  3. Flexibility – I can plan my own workdays, breaks and time off.
  4. No commute – Most days, I spend zero time getting to my workplace.
  5. Energy – All of the above bolster my energy and enthusiasm.

Here’s what I like least and what I do about it.

  1.  Isolation –  I’ve joined a Mastermind group, a professional group and found partners for specific projects.
  2. Distraction –  I maintain a running list of tasks I need  to tackle.
  3. Tedium – I am finding ways to use online software and other services to minimize time on tasks I’m no good and and that take a lot of time.
  4. “Solopreneur Syndrome”  – I’ve managed to admit I can’t and don’t want to do all the tasks it takes for my business to succeed. I hire talented consultants as needed.

Building on what I like best and doing something about what I like least is part of staying happy and avoiding  burning out on the many stresses involved in this way of working, eloquently described by Lolly Daskal. What do you like most/least about your work style?  What do you do about the things you like least? Get in touch if you’d like some help strengthening the good parts of solopreneurship and finding ways to work around the parts you don’t like.

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