Let’s use February, the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day, to reflect on love in all it’s forms.

A Brief Meditation to Begin

Sit comfortably, with one hand over your heart, the other resting on your belly. Let yourself notice the sensation of the chair supporting you, of your feet on the floor. Breathe naturally. As you sit, allow your breaths to become deeper and slower so that your belly gently rises and falls as you inhale and exhale . Notice any input from your senses of hearing, touch, and smell. Notice how your body feels, without trying to change anything – just being aware. Notice your thoughts and your feelings, accepting them as they come up. Gently shift your attention from those thoughts back to the present moment, to what you’re experiencing right now. Continue with this for a few minutes, or longer if you wish.

Some Guidelines

After you’ve meditated for as long as feels right, slowly open your eyes. In this relaxed state of mind, read the following three prompts, pausing to think about each one.

When you’re ready, start writing in response to the first prompt. Spend a few minutes with it and with each of the other two questions. As you write, express yourself in your own true voice, honestly describing your experiences, thoughts and feelings.

This writing is for you, so you don’t need to worry about your spelling, grammar, or the quality of the writing. It’s an opportunity for you to revisit and learn from your own experiences.

Three Prompts for Tuning Into What You Know About Love

1) Picture someone who you deeply and dearly love, or have loved in the past. Allow yourself to feel your heartfelt connection with them. Describe what that connection feels like to you. 

2) Remember a time when you have felt the most loved. Was it during childhood? During adolescence? As an adult? Was it a specific event, or are you recalling a longer period of time? Allow yourself to re-experience those feelings of being deeply loved. Write about where you were, who you were with, and what allowed you to feel so deeply loved.

3) Remember a time when you have felt the most loving. Is it the same experience as you wrote about before? A different one? Describe who you were with and what you were doing. Was it a single event, or longer passage of time? Allow yourself to re-experience those feelings of deeply loving.

What Did You Discover?

As you read over what you wrote, what do you notice? Are there any surprises? What stands out to you as most important? Are there things you’re still wondering about? Things you want to remain aware of? Is there something you want to share with a loved one?

Following Up

There are several things you can do with what you discovered.

  • You can continue with the writing if there is more you want to express.
  • You can talk with a trusted friend about what you learned, or share something that came up as you wrote with the person or people who were part of the memories you shared.
  • You’re welcome to comment here, or to contact me with your observations or questions.

Let me know if you’d like to join one of my upcoming writing groups, where we write to express what’s truly in our hearts, so we can see it, learn from it and grow.


Prompts adapted from The Little Book of Big Questions, Jonathan Robinson,1995

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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