What grows unbidden alongside the seeds you have planted in your life, in your garden? [click to tweet]

Our Not-So-Secret Garden

In our front-yard not-so-secret garden there are wildflowers. My husband, ever exuberant about possibilities, threw  their seeds in the ground this spring and they are flourishing. A bee browses the flowers, gathering  their pollens. Butterflies are frequent visitors.

A vine of unknown origin and kind has taken off amidst them, entirely unaware of our floral plans. If it continues its current trajectory it’s likely to cross the street and enter a neighbor’s yard!

This large-leafed vine advances untamed. What will it bear, we’ve wondered? It’s gradually becoming apparent it will be some sort of squash.

Prickly nettles have claimed their rights to thrive among all this, flaunting their sharp thorns and delicate yellow bursts.

I find basil and dill, almost hidden among the weeds. Snipping bits of their offerings to flavor this evening’s dinner, I marvel that they’ve somehow appeared here. A good-sized mushroom has taken its place within a cultivated and also weedy flower bed. Not knowing much about figuring out which wild mushrooms are edible, I leave it in peace

What My Garden Teaches Me

From the flowers we planted in hopes of creating beauty and of offering sustenance to bees and butterflies, I learn lessons of trying something new, and celebrating success. From the weeds that grew unbidden, I learn about  acceptance, appreciation, wonder, and joy.

Acceptance of myself in spite of the ghastly mistakes I’ve made and continue to learn from. Acceptance of others, who also make mistakes, struggle, suffer, celebrate and create. Appreciation of the small daily moments and the big ones: the morning coffee, the goodnight hug, the infant granddaughter’s exuberant smile, my son winning a friendly competition for his beat mixes – an uplifting validation from his peers. Wonder at the visiting monarch butterfly, the magnificent nighttime thunderstorm, the perfectly crafted words I read in this week’s book. The joy of just being here another day, amongst the brightness of the flowers and the purposeful work of the bees, the thistles’ prickly beauty and the vine’s steady advance.

There are secrets in this not-so-secret garden. Some will eventually be revealed, others will remain hidden.

I love this garden: its wild presence in our front yard; it’s sights and scents, it’s bees and butterflies; the stories it tells and the stories that will remain untold. Perhaps the greatest secret of all is that it’s a refuge. It fills me with joy as I stand in it, surrounded by blooms of courage, hope and redemption.



© NL Seibel, 2019

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