In my dreams…

I am young, my face faintly lined, my hair a rich red-brown.

My perspective is that of someone who can look back over many decades.

I have never known cancer. I am safe in my body.

I feel though don’t see that I am smiling.

I am surrounded by caring others. Some are people I’ve never met in waking life. Others are present in my non-dreaming life.

Things aren’t entirely clear. What is happening? Why is it happening? Where am I going?

I don’t know the answers. It is enough to just be.

I am busy, but unhurried. Seeking, but not striving.

What My Dreams Help Me See

My dreams help me see that all is well. That I can be at peace without knowing the future. That I do not need to succumb to worry. That I have learned much and that there is still much to learn. That I have done much, and there is so much more to do.

My dreams tell me to savor the present, the only thing I can know. And my dreams whisper to me that there is mystery even in this present moment.

A Writing Prompt

I wrote this post in response to Marie Ennis-O’Connor’s prompt, which appears in her blog, Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. 

What are my recent dreams telling me?

What does it lead you to write?


Photo: Scott Hayden,

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