Here we are in late January. A year of possibility lies ahead. What do you want to focus on for the rest of this year? What do you see yourself doing 12 months from now? How will you get there? This is a great time to look at your previous write-along responses, identify your areas of focus and start planning what you will do to get there. Week Four’s prompts will help you do this.

First Prompt

At this time next year I am….

Respond to this prompt by writing a paragraph (or more if you wish) that describes, in present tense words, positive and affirmative language what you are doing, how you are feeling, what is happening.

For example, here’s part of my response:

I am smiling a lot. I am spending time during the day focusing on my work and taking breaks for exercise, meals, and once a week, lunch with a friend. I always have at least two books going, one is for learning, and one is for fun. I am relaxed. My work is going well. My professional network is growing. I am fit and healthy.

You can try starting your response with a drawing, collage or doodle. Then write about what you see there.

Next, look at your visual response and/or read what you wrote.  See what themes you find there. Use them to create a list of or a paragraph about your areas of focus for the coming year.

I found these areas of focus in my own response to the first prompt : joy, productivity, business growth, fitness/health, relaxation and connection. What are yours?

“Hold on a minute,” you might be thinking. “What if I’m not identifying the ‘right’ areas of focus?”  It’s okay to be a bit uncertain about this. Your vision and focus for the coming year are yours. You can always rewrite, change or add to them as the year goes on. Use the responses you’ve created so far to get started.

Now you’re ready to start choosing actions related to one of your areas of focus. You can decide which one you’d like to address.

Second Prompt

One thing I will do today that help me with (area of focus) is: …

During the year ahead, use your area of focus to organize your intentions, thoughts and actions. This last prompt can help you start each day. At the end of the day, prepare for the next by coming back to it reworded as “One thing I will do tomorrow that will help me with (area of focus) is…

What’s Next?

When I started this write-along, I thought we’d end it in January. But now we’re here, and I’m thinking, why stop? This is a great thing to do. I have some new ideas for it. Watch for the next write-along post in February. And let me know your ideas for great write-along themes for the coming year. If you haven’t started the write-along yet, join us! Search this blog for the previous write-along posts. Join us in our secret Facebook group to be in conversation with others who are doing the write along. Click here to ask me for an invitation.

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