Quest2017‘s first week focused on the self of the Quester. This week comes to a close with this prompt from Kristen Noel, Editor in Chief of Best Self Magazine. Find her on Twitter at @KNnoelBestSelf.

Where are you going to go deeper this year, where can you be brave enough to bring forth even more of yourself — to infuse your work, creativity and business with that which is uniquely YOU, thus inspiring others to do more of the same? What could that look like in 2017 for you?

Going deeper into….

  1. Health Challenges. I’ve been going deeper into an unexpected, major life change, first hinted at when I found a small lump in my right armpit. It turned out not to be an infected lymph gland, as I had expected, but something far more serious. Breast cancer. Though I had few risk factors for it, and lots of protective factors, I got it anyway. There are many grace notes, much struggle, and much learning in this experience. I am presently in the midst of chemotherapy, to be followed by surgery and then radiation. I have written about it this here and plan to do that some more. In 2017, I will go deeper into sharing what I am learning as I move through this life change. I’ve been invited by a nurse and a social worker on my treatment team to bring my unique coaching approaches and personal experiences to share with other breast cancer patients. I’m excited and honored to have received this invitation. Today, we spent some time discussing with them how I’d approach this work. We’ll be collaborating in working to bring this idea to reality during the coming year.
  2. Department of Hope. This idea first emerged in 2008, then lay dormant for years. It’s been s reawakened through my participation in the first Quest (2015) and is ready to take root and spread. The Department of Hope is an idea, not a real department. It gathers people together for the purpose of strengthening and sharing hope, and taking hope-based action. I am ready to move more deeply into the Department of Hope and to discover where it takes me. You’re warmly invited to join in. Our first online event is coming up this Thursday, December 8th.
  3. Being a  healer, a bringer of hope. In responding to our first Quest2017 prompt, I wrote these words:

I am a healer of the self. I am a teacher who guides others in learning through reflection and discovery. I am one that others naturally turn to for guidance and support. I heal through relationships, through creating safe spaces and through sharing my words. I heal through my sessions, my seminars and my writing…..I am a bringer of hope. This is not the false hope of bland assurances that all will be ok, but hope based on a clear vision of what is and what can be; of hope built of forging connections and of taking actions to reach that vision.

In 2017, I will move moving more deeply into this sense of of who I am and of this discovery about my purpose  in life. It’s a new way for me to understand these things. You know how you buy a new outfit, and you think, “I never would even have thought of trying this on! But it really looks good on me, and it feels so comfortable!” This way of seeing and being feels at once unfamiliar and perfectly fitted, new and yet something that has always belonged.

What about you? What will you being moving into more deeply in 2017?

Quest2017, created by Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder, brings together 12 outstanding visionaries with hundreds of Questers from the US and around the world. Together, we seek to make 2017 the best year ever for our work as professionals, business artists, and creatives. You are welcome to join us.

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