Move forward positively from life’s upheavals, stresses and traumas. Increase resilience and well-being.

Transform Your Health: Write to Heal offers a progression of restorative writing forms that support your innate ability to heal and grow.

I was angry, angry, angry when we did the writing about the past. Angry that the past was still following me. That was when I realized I was still carrying around old baggage. The writing helped me see that it was behind me. It was no longer necessary to hold on and keep carrying it with me. That was like an epiphany. A weight was taken off my shoulders. It was like someone opened a door for me and I could move forward. I was no longer a captive! I felt free.

~ Kelly Hill-Ross, participant

You Should Join Us!

This workshop is designed to let you discover the power of writing to promote healing and resilience. If you’ve ever experienced a difficult, traumatic or disruptive life event, or have been affected by a serious illness – and most of us have – you may be especially drawn to the opportunity to use writing as a tool for insight, healing, and growth.

  • No writing experience or aspirations needed! 
  • Your writing remains private. 
  • You are invited, not required, to share what you learn and discover through your writing.
  • Supportive connections with others strengthen the experience.

Over three decades of research demonstrate the power of expressive writing to positively impact emotional, social, behavioral and physical well-being. It’s greatest appeal is that it is a method with strong scientific evidence behind it. ~ James W. Pennebaker & Joshua M. Smyth, Opening Up by Writing it Down.

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Experience the greatest healing and growth by joining all six 75-minute workshops. The progressive forms of writing build on each other, promoting deeper insights and greater healing. Distant Reiki, sent at the start and end of each session, strengthens the healing impact.

We’ll meet mostly (but not always) on the first Monday of the month for six months. We start  December 7, 2020 and end on May 3,2021. Times are stated in EASTERN time, US. You’ll choose either the mid-day section, 12 noon – 1:15PM EASTERN OR the evening section, 6:30PM-7:45 PM EASTERN.


  • Save by registering in advance for all 6 sessions – $120, a $30 savings! Contact me to register for all 6
  • Single sessions: $25/each

If you need a reduced fee due to the financial impact of the pandemic, you arrange this by contacting me here. 

Date Topic Description
Monday 12/7/20 The Pennebaker Paradigm Writing that makes meaning of and move forward positively from a disruptive, traumatic or difficult experience.

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Monday 1/1/2021 Transactional Writing Writing to take care of the “business” of our emotional lives.

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Monday 2/1/2021 Poetic Writing Writing that explores your experiences using the tools of narrative or poetic structure. You won’t have to create a poem!

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Affirmative Writing Writing that sets intentions for the future, or that focuses awareness on your best qualities and abilities.

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Legacy Writing Writing that identifies what matters most to you, what you wish to be known for, or shares major life lessons, turning points, and epiphanies.

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Mindful Writing Writing that focuses on the present moment, strengthening six aspects of mindful awareness.

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To allow time for writing and discussion, each section of this workshop is limited to just 12 spots.

Special Bonus Offers

  • Writing prompts sent out after the class.
  • A 20-minute one-on-one follow-up discussion, or a distant Reiki session at no additional cost! 

What You Can Expect

  • A supportive environment that facilitates deep reflection and growth
  • Nonjudgmental, careful listening from others
  • New perspectives and deepened self-understanding.
  • Writing exercises to support your well-being that you can keep using after the class.

Research shows that expressive writing supports health, resilience, and well-being. It is not a substitute for physical or mental health treatment. Please seek professional advice and help as needed for help with troubling symptoms or illness.

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Nancy L. Seibel is a Certified Facilitator of the Transform Your Health: Write to Heal curriculum.


Photo: Nancy L. Seibel, 2017

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