Both a health care provider and a trainer are important to my overall physical health and well- being and I seek each for specific reasons.

I go to a health care provider for treatment of an illness or injury, when I want to be screened for disease, or when I am troubled by acute pain or other symptoms. When I want a fitness plan, encouragement to stick with it, and ideas on how to stay strong and healthy, I go to a trainer. An advanced trainer knows a lot about avoiding and recovery from injury. It’s sometimes possible to work with a health care provider and a trainer a the same time.

When I am troubled by psychological symptoms to the point that I am suffering, or I want to resolve deep-seated issues from my past, I seek help from a mental health therapist. Therapists are trained to identify, treat and relieve suffering from mental health disorders, just as health care providers do for physical disorders. When I want help with a life change, a difficult decision, or clarity about a direction and purpose, I seek out a coach. A well-trained, experienced coach knows a lot about  encouraging, gaining clarity, providing support and promoting forward movement for people ready to make a change in their lives. It’s sometimes possible to be in therapy and coaching at the same time.

Contact me with your questions about coaching! I’m happy to hold a complimentary half-hour initial conversation.

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