After a summer that has lasted well into October, fall is here.  It seems at first like an abrupt change, but as I think about it, there have been signs foreshadowing it. Even though it’s been warm, leaves have turning color and falling. Weeds are growing more slowly and the tomato and pepper plants in my garden have stopped producing. Today’s cold and rain makes it feel like fall has arrived suddenly, but really it’s been here for a while now.

Change is not in itself neither good nor bad. Change is natural and inevitable. It can arrive abruptly or gradually, be outside of our sphere of control or be something we initiated. Change can be welcome, unwanted, exciting or frightening. Just as there are things we do to prepare as nature’s seasons change, there are things we can do to prepare for transitions in our own lives.

When we have the chance to catch the early signs of a coming change, we can start getting ready for it. Often the course of those changes is smoother and easier to navigate. Some changes, though, happen abruptly. We find ourselves adjusting to those after the fact, and may need to allow more time to navigate them. Change, whether expected or unexpected, welcome or unwanted, can be an opportunity for learning, growth, deepening self-awaress and increasing our capacity for compassion.

A a Master Seasons of Change Coach, I serve as your guide as you navigate the changes in your life. A great first step is to complete this Seasons of Change Questionnaire and follow it up with a free, no-obligation initial discussion to gain insight into what your responses mean. The questionnaire won’t categorize or give answers on its own, but serves a great way to get started on a useful conversation.

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