My Heart Magnet’s Powerful Guidance

My Heart Magnet’s Powerful Guidance

In the fourth and final week of Quest2019, Jeffrey Davis challenged us to revisit our vision for 2019, to connect with our compassion, our loving-kindness for ourselves and others, and to let that love help us shape  experiences of wonder and delight for the...

Bring Your Young Genius to Work

Travel back to your childhood, when you were 7, 8, 9, or 10 years old. Go back to a time or place when you felt free, alive and possibly at your best, doing something the way only you would do it. Use your active imagination and memory to see  your young self at your...

Whimsy and Hope

Bicycling through my neighborhood on a cold December day, my attention was more on my painfully cold fingers than on anything else. But then I saw this whimsical and beautiful #signofhope.    ...

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