Heart Leaps

Running with the pack as #Quest2015 continues. Twelve days, twelve visionaries, imagining our best twelve months. All organized and lead by Jeffrey Davis. Today, our fourth prompt appears via author, professor, and Writing by Writers director Pam Houston. Sit quietly...
What Are You Willing to Abandon?

What Are You Willing to Abandon?

Still running with the #Quest2015 pack in which Jeffrey Davis leads us in taking 12 days with 12 visionary leaders to imagine our best 12 months. You can still get involved, we’re an informal and welcoming pack. This is our third prompt to respond to. Michael...

Sometimes Backwards is Best

You have a goal. You start listing all the things you need to do to get there. Suddenly it seems too ______ .  Fill in the blank here. Overwhelming? Difficult? Scary? Time consuming? I’ve been thwarted by reactions like this. Normally we plan ahead. But what if...

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