Bamboo Project’s Michele Martin and I talked this morning. We’re planning a collaboration in the near future. We got to figuring out when, and the discussion turned to how busy we both are right now. It’s all good stuff, things we love doing, but still it can get overwhelming.

I shared my favorite strategy with Michele for self-care during busy times. I love it because I can always find time for it. Ready? There are 2 steps:

  1. Notice how your body is feeling.
  2. Take three deep, slow breathes, gently and fully inhaling fully and exhaling. If you have time, repeat for 1-5 minutes.

That’s it, simple, quick, and effective. No harmful side effects :).

What’s your favorite calming strategy for when things are really busy? Comment here and bring your ideas to my no-cost May 23rd webinar, Burning Bright or Burning Out: Well-Being for Helping Professionals. You’ll get a self-assessment tool, handouts and a link to additional resources and information. Register here.



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