You have a goal. You start listing all the things you need to do to get there. Suddenly it seems too ______ .  Fill in the blank here. Overwhelming? Difficult? Scary? Time consuming? I’ve been thwarted by reactions like this.

Normally we plan ahead. But what if we planned backwards instead? I tried it and am on my way to developing plans for a bicycle trip across the U.S.

Give it a try. Start with the end in mind.

  1. When will this happen?
  2. Picture where you will be and what you are doing.
  3. What are you doing right before you get there?
  4. And right before that?

This backwards journey will be fun, and let you use muscles you don’t use everyday. By the time you complete it, you’ll have a detailed plan for moving forward.

thanks to Susan Strauss for the idea and helping me practice it. 

photo: Brussels – Walk Backwards. photo by William Murphy. Actions

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