I got so much out of your workshop. I realized I wasn’t doing enough to take care of myself, and that the way I’ve been pushing myself wasn’t sustainable. Your workshop made me realize I can’t keep working 12 hour days, and saying yes to everything that’s asked of me. I’m setting limits and saying “no” more.
~Child Welfare Agency manager

Thirty years of a still-growing evidence base documents that writing is good for health and well-being.* Research is important in understanding which approaches to writing are effective, and what those effects are. Equally impressive are the stories my clients tell about how writing for well-being has been making a difference them. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve said recently said. Each comment offers a great reason to write!

  • “I’m sleeping better since I started these writing workshops.”
  • “I never understood the idea of forgiveness. Now I get that it’s not about saying ‘What you did is ok.’ What that person did will never be ok. It’s about letting go of the anger and hatred that was only poisoning me. Now I can move on.”
  • I realized I’ve let an important talent of mine lay dormant. It’s time for me to recognize how important it is to me to use photography to the beauty of the world around us. I’m going be more active with photography again.
  • “It was enlightening to hold everyday experiences under the microscope. It let me find humor and compassion in what I wrote about, instead of the usual tolerating or complaining.”
  • “I feel reflective right now. I know I should go back to journaling. I need to schedule it in like an appointment, as you said.”

In a world of hurry-up urgency and constant demands, it’s still  possible, and certainly important, to find time for yourself. Brief writing exercises can make a big difference! Until the end of September, you can get my new e-workbook, Writing for Well-Being: Workbook and Guide with this great introductory offer. For now it is available for $6.50. Carefully selected prompts and clear directions guide you in brief writing exercises that designed to help you move forward from past disruptive experiences, and to write about what matters most to you. This is a great time to get the e-book,for three reasons:

  1. You help others. Through Sept 31, 2016 profits go to the Ellicott City Partnership to help those affected by a recent, severe flood.
  2. You get a great resource for yourself.
  3. As of October 1, 2016, the price increases to $12.99.

Get your copy here.

*Pennebaker, J.W. & Smyth, J.M. (2016). Opening up by writing it down. 
How expressive writing improves health and eases emotional pain. 
New York: Guilford Press.

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