It doesn’t take much snow to shut down the Baltimore area. A suggestion of it in the forecast sets off a flurry of cancellations and closings. Today we’re well beyond a suggestion of snow. We’ve gotten quite a bit already and it’s still coming down, along with wind gusts and rapidly falling temperatures. Word is it might get down to -10 tonight, which isn’t unusual further north but is rarely seen here.

A storm like this can be a gift – time to slow down, to concentrate, to focus, or to relax. It can bring hassles and worries too. For me it’s been a bit of both, some disruptions but also a pleasant, peaceful, productivel day. Most people have stayed home, I think, and my inbox is quiet, allowing me to concentrate on one thing at a time. Of course, I am inside, have a well stocked kitchen and and no power outage. I’ll enjoy this gift of time.