Slots from Mazooma

Developed by Mazooma Interactive Games, Mazooma slots are slot machines that can be played on mobile devices and may be accessed online. Since 1997, Mazooma has been in the business of designing machine games. The firm, which is known as MIG, has been receiving more attention as of late, which is a direct result of Novomatic’s purchase of the company. As is the case with many other companies that specialize in the creation of online gambling games, Mazooma began as a supplier of land-based games. However, in the first decade of the 2000s, the company shifted its attention to the mobile and web platform industries.

Today, MIG is primarily focused on the production of gambling material for mobile devices and the internet, primarily in the United Kingdom but also progressively expanding its operations into other markets. Mazooma has a significant position in the lucrative bingo business in the United Kingdom; however, the company has not yet expanded its holdings to include countries other than England, Scotland, and Wales.

In spite of the fact that the vast majority of MIG slot machines are five-reel slots with twenty pay lines, they do sometimes provide an intriguing bonus game or other machine feature. With regard to the design of online slot machines, the Community Concept has been the most significant innovation that the firm has introduced. Through the use of this mechanism, it is possible for up to forty people to take part in unique game bonus rounds at the same time. There is a correlation between the number of players that engage and the size of the possible jackpots, with upper payouts often hanging around $250,000. This feature will be discussed in further detail in the game reviews that are located lower down the page.

Regarding Mazooma

There is not a lot of information available about Mazooma since they are not one of the most prominent, flashiest, or well-known brands in the industry of designing online slot machines. It is even less probable that you will hear anyone talking directly about MIG slots now that they are formally a part of the Novomatic Group. However, they have been in the market for close to twenty years, and their games are now offered at dozens of online casinos. This includes the placement of the majority of their limited slot library at well-known websites like as the ones that are listed below.

Slot machines made by Mazooma
The present selection of Mazooma slot machines that are compatible with mobile devices and use the web is limited. It is stated on their website that the total number of games in their portfolio is just twenty-one. The primary reason for the limited repertoire is because MIG formally re-launched in 2010 as a whole new business, and in order to concentrate on the new internet market, they discarded the majority of their previous game concepts. We are certain that Mazooma will be launching a number of new games on an annual basis over the next several years, with Novomatic serving as a guiding hand behind the scenes. This will allow them to strengthen and solidify their online catalog, which is obviously rather limited.

A rundown of seven of the most popular and most often hosted online and mobile slot games offered by MIG is shown below:

Hail to the Hades

The slot machine known as Haul of Hades is inspired on the Greek story of Hades and has five reels and twenty pay lines. A unique visual treat from the Novomatic Group, Haul of Hades features graphics of the river Styx, characters from the ancient Greek underworld, and other fabled figures. The game was developed by Novomatic. Because of the dynamic lightning strikes and the frightening bats swooping about, the mood is completely finished. The largest prize in Haul of Hades is only worth $2,000, which is about average for games developed by Mazooma and Novomatic. A gamble function similar to the one found in other Novomatic games is included in Haul of Hades. This feature gives players the opportunity to double their earnings by correctly predicting the color of the next card that will be drawn from a virtual deck. Even though there are no bonus rounds in Haul of Hades, the wild and scatter symbols come often enough to merit mentioning them as a unique feature.

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