I’ve started posting #signsofhope on Facebook and on Twitter. My #signsofhope so far are close to home and personal. Clouds, a whimsical Valentine’s tree, a found earring, a friend’s story of helping a stranger.

I’m posting them as reminders to myself that even while in the midst of a time of great turmoil, there continues to be beauty, human kindness, love and synchronicity. There are reasons to laugh, and things that fill me with awe. There are things that just make me happy.

Focusing attention on #signsofhope helps me cope during a time of heightened stress. Consciously focusing on things that strengthen my own hope, and noticing it when I do things that strengthen hope in others supports my own resilience. Sharing these #signsofhope strengthens resilience and hope in others.

People are noticing, commenting on and sharing these #signsofhope, and some are posting their own. I hope you’ll join in!  Post your own #signsofhope on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media, whenever you feel like it. So we can find each other, use one or both of these hashtags: #signofhope, or #signsofhope.


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