Maryland Family Network blogs about Baltimore child care center founder and director Crystal Flowers. She and her staff are working to ensuring young children’s ability to cope with the tension and the violence that’s taken place in parts of the city following Freddie Gray’s death. Read Amid Chaos, Planting Seeds of Hope to learn more.

Crystal, a social worker by training, realizes her staff needs support in order to be there for the children, so she’s providing them counseling. She’s also planning on starting parent support groups. I’m impressed by her approach. Young children can recover even from traumatic stress when their important caregivers are able to remain calm, nurturing and supportive.

Today Baltimore Marilyn Mosby has announced homicide charges against the officers involved in his arrest. Freddie Gray’s family deserves to see justice done in the wake of terrible injustice. Tensions no doubt will remain high in Baltimore as the investigation continues and the case is prosecuted. Everywhere I go, at the dentist office, in shopping center parking lots, during webinars I’m conducting, at my local knitting shop everyone is talking about this crisis.

May we all show one another the compassion and caring Ms. Flowers is showing the children, families and staff a hert Little Flowers child care center. Ms. Flowers, welcome to the Department of Hope.

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