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I got to face my own Resistance up close and personal this month. I had a functional movement screening done by a new doctor at my chiropractor’s offices. To my great delight he told me he could treat the foot pain that I’ve been living with for years now. He advised fascia release and physical therapy. This would mean coming in 2x week for a month.

Resistance is the force that wells up in us when we’re committing to something on our own behalf.  Speaking in my voice, it said “I don’t know if I can afford that. And I’m not sure I have time.”

I heard myself say that.  “What the hell? I thought. I’d give a great deal to have a pain-free foot. Why would I say no to this?”  So I told Resistance thanks but no thanks, you can crawl back into your dark little cave now.  I’ll find the time and the money. I scheduled an appointment, cancelled other plans for the upcoming month to free up funds and time.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help gauge if you want to move forward, even in the face of Resistance.

On a scale of 0-10, where 0=not at all and 10= very, or highly:

  • How ready am I to make this change?
  • How confident am I that I can make this change?
  • How important is this change to me?

When your answers all 3 questions are closer to ten than to zero, you’re likely to succeed in making the change. I don’t want to over simplify. Readiness (the first question) can include a lot of factors. Is the timing right? Do I have the resources I need? Am I ready to choose this action over other things that it might preclude, at least for a while? Is this truly something important to me at this time? So take your time with the questions. If one or more of your answers is on the lower end of the scale, try journaling about it to explore what might be impacting your responses.

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Source for readiness questions

Readiness Rulers, a precontemplation stage tool, retrieved online at http://www.recoveryschools.org/pdf/ MIReadinessRuler072210.pdf

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