Decision-making can be tough, especially when you’re facing a new or unclear situation. Developing an open-ended question to explorehelp you activate your true self, that wise inner voice that knows what’s most important to you in the situation you’re facing. But articulating that question can be tough, and the answer to itisn’t always immediate.

Susan Preston, friend and web designer extraordinaire and I were talking today about helping others bring their story into clear focus. I mentioned that people often need help clarifying an open-ended and yet focused question they wish to explore.

“Sometimes after clarifying your question you should not try to answer it immediately,” I said. “Instead, hold the question in mind and live your life. You’ll find the answer. There will be a flash of recognition when you do!”

Susan told of a colleague doing this. She had a clear question but couldn’t find the answer. Unexpectedly she discovered that answer at an unrelated workshop she attended.

Allowing yourself to not know. Relaxing and accepting the uncertainty for now. Living your life. Holding your question in mind and paying attention to what’s around you. You’re on a quest. These steps will lead you to your answer, and when you find it, you’ll recognize it.

Find out how Visualize Your Life coaching helps bring your questions – and answers – into focus.

Originally published 8/7/2014. Revised 2-27-19.

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