Heath Ouellette, Childrens Services Director at Community Concepts in Maine and I have a session coming up at this year’s Birth To Three Institute. Our topic must be popular (or else Heath is!), because 143 people have already registered, and it’s been chosen  to be  live streamed. I don’t know whether to be scared or elated by this! I’ll choose elated as that’s more pleasant. Deep breaths,  calm thoughts and prepare! That’s what I’ll be focusing on between now and 8 a.m. on Thursday July 31st.

Our topic? What’s the Difference? Reflective Supervision and Early Childhood Coaching. Here’s a sneak preview:

You’ll hear the good, the bad and the ugly about planning and implementing reflective supervision and early childhood coaching in an EHS program. Just kidding, there’s no “bad” or “ugly,” though there is hard work, success, challenge and continuing efforts.

There will be some Q&A time after that.

  • We’ll look at how reflective supervision and coaching share some characteristics and  at how they’re different.
  • We’ll talk about options and approaches for delivering reflective supervision and coaching. Should both be done by one person? Do you need two different people?
  • Participants will get a planning tool to use in helping develop buy-in for implementation of reflective supervision and/or early childhood coaching.

Find out more here, including a link to register for this multi-day, free conference.

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