Preview of the Slot Game, “WWE Legends Link & Win”

The more you give professional wrestling some brainpower, the more bizarre it seems. Put a group of oiled-up men in tights in a ring and have them grapple with each other, hurl each other around, and leap over the top rope so that they may three-count their opponents while they’re down on the mat. All of the fights are staged and the results have been predetermined. Many individuals remain oblivious. But many people do, and the industry is massive. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is run by showman extraordinaire Vince McMahon, who is worth an estimated $3 billion. WWE is a massive industry consisting with enormous characters. Microgaming’s partner All41 Studios created a slot game called WWE Legends Link & Win, and it features four of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. The game has free spins, Link&Win, and HyperSpins, in addition to wrestling celebrities.

The game’s grid of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines is situated in the heart of a stadium with bright lights and a roaring audience. The HyperSpins respin buttons line the reels and are located on the wrestling ring adjacent to a list of Link&Win game prizes. The action is hectic, and the voiceover commentary adds to the WWE vibe; nevertheless, could it have been any more exaggerated? Maybe, but there are also several video snippets at different times, thus the game is saturated with WWE content.

When three or more identical symbols appear on a payline in WWE Legends Link & Win, the player is awarded a prize. The hit frequency has been tested, and it comes out to little over 1 spin in 4. The RTP is available in a few different flavors, depending on the provider; the one with the highest potential return is 96.4 percent. The potential is enticing, and players can test it out for themselves by betting anywhere from 10 percent to £/€20 every spin.

There are several regular J-A card royals and four wrestling superstars competing for the paytable. Booker T. “Can you dig it, sucker! “, Macho Man, and others are legends. “Oh, yeah!” from Randy Savage, “Viva La Raza” from Eddie Guerrero, and “And That’s The Bottom Line” from Steve Austin. When you get five stars in a row, you win between seven and twenty times your bet. The ‘W’ wild substitutes for all other symbols and has the same value as Steve Austin when it appears.

Wrestling Icons: Connect & Win Slot Machine

In WWE Legends Link & Win, you can use up to four different features at once. The HyperSpins, Link&Win, free spins, and extra purchase are the options. Several games in the Microgaming catalog use a feature called HyperSpins. With it, gamblers may re-spin a single reel for another shot at a winning combination or at triggering free games or the Link&Win bonus. It’s included in the basic package, may be used an infinite number of times, and costs a fixed amount for each respin. Payouts occur exclusively during respin winnings.

If you get three scatters anywhere in view, you’ll win 5 free spins and 1x your wager. During these free games, reels 2, 3, and 4 will combine into a single reel with colossal symbols that count as 9 regular symbols (large scatters count as 1). If you get three scatters, you’ll get three more free spins, bringing your total to fifteen.

Six or more coin symbols appearing in the main game will activate the Link&Win bonus feature. You get 3 free spins with no standard symbols on the reels. If a coin sign appears, it will stick, and the total will be reset. Prize amounts, the Mini, Minor, or Major Jackpot, or any of the following are depicted on the coins.

Value of additional coins is added to the collector’s total.

Gain is multiplied by a factor of 1. At the conclusion of the feature, the visible coins are multiplied by this amount.

Coins of equal value are added to the Payer’s total.

If all available spins are used up or if all spots are taken, the round is over. The Champion Jackpot is awarded if the screen is completely filled. Mini, Minor, Major, and Champion jackpots are 50x, 100x, 1000x, and 5,000x the wager, respectively.

When available, the Link&Win option may be purchased for 60 times the initial wager. As a result, the following spin guarantees at least six Coin symbols.

Slots Review: WWE Superstars’ “Link & Win”

WWE is well-known for its extreme spectacle, which often includes stunts that might endanger the performers’ lives. There’s little doubt that WWE Legends Link & Win makes use of this, but some may feel that it might have gone farther. However, the content it provides is sure to please wrestling enthusiasts who also like a good gamble. There is commentary, crowd sounds, some cool animations, and a number of real-life WWE legends available for purchase. It’s great that both classic and modern heroes are represented. Macho Man Randy Savage of the early WWF days to modern day champs like Eddie Guerrero. It’s so bad that the two champions have died away.

While the subject matter may be flashy, the gameplay seldom lives up to the hype. The foundational phase is like a sparring match between two heavyweights. The primary game is essentially a warmup battle between a couple of no-namers before the major events, with the occasional arm lock, sucker punches, or whatever. Unless, of course, you’re a player who enjoys fiddling with the HyperSpins function right before you need a money symbol or scatter to activate the extra games.

There is a simple streak respin function in WWE Legends called Link & Win. There are a few bonus symbols that increase payouts, but that’s about as complex as it gets. To win money, simply hit symbols. Occasionally, you could win a multiplier or two, and the jackpot appears only seldom. Buying the feature was a challenge, though; perhaps our strategy that evening was flawed. The five free spins I was given were finished in a heartbeat, but I may retrigger them. There’s a massive potential reward of 25,000 times the wager, but it’s not immediately obvious how this may happen. For instance, you would need 40 full-screen Steve Austin’s at a value of 500x. It is unclear from the paytable, but the Champion Jackpot can be multiplied by 4 in the Link&Win.

Overall, WWE Legends Link & Win is probably for you if you enjoy seeing grown guys wrestle and pretend to strike one other. The ‘wrastlin’ vibe is nice, there are lots of A-listers, and the odds of winning look decent. You just can’t help but feel that there was more that could have been done with it.

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