How do questions bring us together? By expressing interest, curiosity, open-mindedness. By encouraging careful thought, getting at the thoughts, beliefs, feelings and values embedded in our words and actions. We’ve been having a discussion about this in the Keys to Change group this week. It’s a timely one during a period in when it seems our country has become more reactive and more divided than ever.

By Tomchen1989 - Own work, CC0,

The Chinese word for crisis is often interpreted in as meaning both “danger” and “opportunity.” Its meaning may more accurately be closer to “critical point.” Our world is at a critical point, one at which each of us is needed to make a positive, meaningful difference.

We can do this by committing to being our best selves. That involves not only taking action for others. It also means tending to ourselves. I constantly need to remind myself of this, because as a service-centered professional, I have a way of focusing on all the needs I see around me, feeling called upon to say yes to every request, and pushing myself constantly to do more, because, as my friend Linda said, “There’s so much to be done, and it’s all so important.” Even though that is my default response I have learned that if I want to be an instrument of change, I need to take care of that instrument!

Healer, friend and colleague Sara Eisenberg offers simple changes can we can make to improve our physical and psychological resilience. Taking care of ourselves as she suggests creates a foundation which supports about best thinking and right action.

With our energy, well-being and best thinking supported we can engage the power of what one client calls the “exponential effect.” This means, she explains, that when we positively impact  the life of one person, that person impacts the lives of others, then in turn impact still more, and so on.  Hers is a hopeful, realistic description of how each of us, through who we are and how we are, make a positive difference during this critical point in our world.

I asked the Keys to Change group this today:

What helps you to do your best thinking?
How do you help others to do their best thinking?

You’re thoughts are welcome. Weigh in by joining the KTC group or by commenting here.

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Chinese symbol image courtesy of  Tomchen1989 – Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedi

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