Our ninth Quest2017 prompt comes from Desiree Adaway, a Principal of the Adaway Group. She helps professionals and organizations succeed through transition and growth, and takes on and leads difficult conversations on race, diversity, class, and gender. Desiree asks us:

How have you allowed a system, institution, or tradition to hold you back? What will you do to make sure this does not happen in 2017?

What have I allowed to hold me back? The wording here is important. Not “what holds me back?” but what have I allowed to hold me back. And is that which I’ve allowed to hold me back a system, institution, or tradition, or is it something else? Are there ways in which I am holding myself back?

Here’s what I’m thinking:
I have the potential to be an influencer and game-changer. It’s not a role I’ve wanted, though, for a variety of reasons. My preference has been to live a quieter life. Realizing I make a difference for others in my immediate orbit has been a source of deep satisfaction. I have been sharing my gifts with the world, in a way that meets some of the world’s deep needs. I don’t experience this as holding myself back, but as being in the place I want to be. Yet, is feeling that this is the place I want to be a way of holding myself back? Perhaps so. Perhaps not. Either way, I now feel called to do more.

There are countless imperfections and injustices in the traditions, institutions and systems that I’m influenced by. Yet things have been okay enough. There’s even been progress that, while hard to see on a day to day basis, is evident when I look back across the decades I’ve spent on this planet. Today, though, things look different. Today, what stands out in sharp relief is how much more there is to be done. I am called to do something different, something more.

This year we’ve seen the depths of the divides in our country, and in our world, outlined in dramatic relief. Who benefits from this process of deepening divides and heightened tensions? Certainly not those who have been oppressed for generations. Certainly not those who voted for change in their flagging economic and social circumstances.

The divides, and the ways in which our world has failed to address them, are not new. It is time to stop holding myself back. It is time to move ourselves forward, to forge systems, traditions and institutions that allow us to do and be our best. It is time to find ways to make that happen.

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