week 36 - Balance

(Photo credit: Sweet Dreamz Design)

Today in my Life Balance class at CCBC, we used the life coaching Wheel of Life to assess areas of life that are related to well-being. We talked about this question: When we say “life balance” do we mean that everything is on some sort of  perfect, even keel? No, we decided, that’s not it at all. Life shifts and changes. Areas of life that were once satisfactory can become less so as circumstances change, or as we move through stages of life. By “balance” we mean that we are reasonably satisfied most of the time by how fulfilling we find each area of life to be. If we’re not satisfied with one or more areas of life, then we might want to make some changes to bring that area into a more satisfactory place.

Life balance is dynamic, perhaps something like balancing the wheels on your car.  Every so often we need to get the wheels re-balanced, as the bumps, potholes and obstacles the car runs into can cause a troubling imbalance. Balancing the wheels makes the tires last longer and the car handle better. Not only is that pleasant, it’s safer and therefore better for us.  When areas of our life get out of balance, it’s time to take stock and see what we need to do to re-balance things. It feels better, we move through our lives with a sense of well-being and perhaps remain healthier and happier.

What steps do you take to improve balance in your life? Find out how life coaching can help.

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