Is Keys to Change Coaching Right for Me?

  1. I’m way too busy and I am ready to do something about it.
  2. I’m in the middle of a life change, or sense that a change is coming and I want to make this change one that leads to learning and growth.
  3. I want to reconnect what’s most important in life. I want to discover – or re-discover my purpose. I could use someone to serve as a guide, sounding board and partner – someone to keep me on track.
  4. I am ready for a next step in life and am feeling uncertain just what that might be. I could use help figuring out what that next step is and how to get started on it.
  5. Overall, I’m doing pretty well in my life – nothing’s going on that is seriously interfering with any area of my life.
  6. I’d like to work with a deeply knowledgeable, innovative, caring and forward-thinking coach. Someone who breaks the mold and uses creative approaches, brainstorms with me, provides accountability and helps me move forward.

If you answered “yes” to #5 and at least one other question, Keys to Change coaching is likely to be right for you.

If you answered “yes” to #5 but “no” to all the other questions, perhaps you’re looking for another type of coaching or a life coach whose approach is different from mine. If so I’ll be glad to offer referrals.

If you answered “no” to #5, you may need help from a professional with expertise in the area of life with which you’re most concerned. Perhaps you’re already getting that help. If not let me know if you would like a referral. I’ll assist if I can.

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There is no charge for initial consults.

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