This past Wednesday was the first of 2019’s monthly Writing for Resilience series.This is my third year to offer these online workshops, and I’m just as excited about them now as I was when we got started.

We  write privately, in the company of others. The focus is different each month, but the overall purpose is the same,  to deeply connect to our inner voices – the voice of our true thoughts, beliefs, feelings and values. 

I facilitate the meetings, and write along to the prompts with everyone else.

The Results are Inspiring

When we are in touch with ourselves — our thoughts, our feelings, our perceptions, our dreams — then we have the potential to create change in our lives and the larger world we inhabit.

~ Wendy Judith Cutler

Writing brings us into deep connections with ourselves, inspiring hope and possibility, and supporting learning, growth and change.

We discover what we truly think and feel. I often read over what I wrote with some surprise. As I said on Wednesday, I often don’t know what I really think until I start writing!

We strengthen self-compassion and compassion for others. We treat ourselves as kindly as we would treat a treasured friend. This deepens our well of loving-kindness, so that it is easier to feel and express compassion for others.

We are empowered to devote time and energy to doing things for ourselves — things that are fun; things that are important.

We give and receive support as we listen to one another with empathy, respect and compassion.

We have laugh and fun! Laughter, like writing, is wonderful medicine. Both boost health and well-being, elevate mood, promote connection and and strengthen coping. Plus, it just feels good!

You’re Welcome to Join Us

Writing for Resilience is informal, monthly, online group that you can join at any point throughout the year. You can become a subscriber, or attend individual sessions. 

It’s the people who join us who make this group the unique experience that it is. It is they who inspire me. You are warmly invited to join us, and discover its benefits for yourself.

Register for individual sessions, or subscribe and attend all yearly sessions for one low monthly payment.

Questions? Get in touch!


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