In the Weeds

Here in central Maryland, July is subtropical season. The high temperatures and humidity are perfect for all manner of weeds. I literally find myself deep in those weeds, choosing a square foot of the garden and trying to pull them all out. I I don’t enjoy the task of weed-pulling, but It’s either that or surrender the yard to them.

This already hot and sticky morning, our garden’s weeds captured my attention in a different way than usual.

I contemplated these prolific plants. Oh, these hardy beings that I can never entirely get rid of! They find their way out from under the weed blocker, grow in between the patio bricks, and twine around the flower stems and pepper plants. Some are scrappy competitors for available nutrients, threatening to take over and ruin the aesthetics of the yard. One or two are quite lovely, something I might buy from the nursery and carefully cultivate. Those I carefully work around. Maybe I can encourage them to spread. Others would be welcome, if only they wouldn’t spread and overwhelm everything around them.

This contemplation led me to some powerful questions. Powerful questions are used in coaching. They make you stop and reflect deeply. The questions themselves and the discoveries they lead to might surprise you a little, or a lot. They can shift your perspective and lead to new insights, decisions and actions.

I’ll be using the questions that the weeds brought me to today in this week’s personal writing. I’m sharing them with you, in case you’d like to do the same.

Weeds are survivors.

They are persistent. They are adaptable. Some are useful, and even beautiful, depending on where they show up, and sometimes, on how I view and understand them.

  • What weeds are present in my life, either around me or within me?
  • Do these weeds need to be uprooted?
  • If I can’t entirely eradicate the weeds, how do I best live with them?

Weeds don’t need much in order to thrive.

A little light. Access to nutrients. Some water now and again. The right climate.

  • Do I have what I need in order to thrive?
  • If so, what are those things?
  • If not, what is missing, or what do I need more of in order to thrive?


A coach can serve as a valuable guide, support and ally when you find yourself “in the weeds!” Contact me to find out how coaching can help go from being overwhelmed by the weeds, to a place of clarity and purpose.

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