Pressures that make our lives way too busy often come directly from our jobs. The infographic below shows that three of the top eight job stresses increase the level of busy-ness in our lives: too-heavy workloads, over-long, inflexible hours, and work demands that interfere with personal and family time. This kind of bad busy negatively impacts emotional and physical health. Employers can alleviate these sources of stress.

Besides being the right thing to do in human terms, it’s the practical thing to do in business terms. Job stress is a huge expense. It increases absenteeism and turnover and decreases productivity.

What can employees do about job stress? That varies from one workplace to another. In some work settings it might not be possible to do much, or it might seem to be too risky. In other settings it’s possible to find ways to open up discussions to identify and productively address workplace stress. What have your experiences with this been?

The Cost of Stress on Business

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