Lead by Jeffrey Davis, of Tracking Wonder, the Quest2016  pack is off and running. The Quest brings together 12 visionaries with a pack of business artists, running together to imagine our best 12 months.

Last year I signed on for Quest2015, because how could I not? The invitation was irresistible. My curiosity was piqued. And hey. It didn’t cost anything beyond my time. I could never have imagined how much I would gain from it.

New colleagues, new collaborations, new opportunities to give and receive. A clearer vision. Challenges to overcome, building new strength in the process. I found my thinking deepened, my perspective broadened and my confidence strengthened. I found aspects of myself that I hadn’t yet acknowledged. Some of those were strong, creative and innovative – new inner resources. Others were tender spots I’d kept guarded. Being able to acknowledge those within our private Facebook group freed up energy that had gone to guarding that vulnerability. I emerged from Quest2015 with lasting connections and the energy and motivation to make 2015 a pivotal year for my work.

I look forward to Quest2016 with a mix of excitement, curiosity, and focus. I’m questing this year with a distinct purpose in mind. I seek increased understanding of who I am as a business artist, because as a solopreneur, there’s no sharp line between my self and my work. I seek to recognize and claim my voice and to be more intentional about how I use it. I seek the path to making the next 12 meaningful, purposeful and fun. While I am more purpose-driven this time around, I remain open to surprise, delight and serendipity. Onward! Time to set off.

Each of the 12 visionaries gives us a prompt to explore. This week,
Susan Piver starts us off. She is a New York Times bestselling author, meditation teacher, author and speaker. Susan launches our quest with this prompt:

What I most need to tell myself about 2016 is…

That it is a year of hope. Yes, our  country and our world is in no small degree of turmoil. Now more than ever we need reality-based, strengthened, compassionate and inclusive hope.
That it is a year of possibility. My 60-year old body still responds to challenge by growing stronger and more flexible. So do my 60-year-old-and-wise* spirit and mind. Let’s find out what they can do this year!
That it is a year of experimentation. I will make plans, try things out, see how they work and adjust as needed.
That it is a year of innovation. I will be forward thinking and creative, challenging the way things are and seeking new solutions to old problems.
That it is a year for growth. I, my business and those I connect with will grow, becoming deeper, stronger and better.
That it is a year to treasure. This time is a gift to be honored and spent in ways that matter.

How about you? What do you need to tell yourself about 2016?

If this Quest2016 sounds good to you, you’re invited to join me. You can still sign on!

*Wisdom: what you learn in the course of making a lot of mistakes over a long period of time.

A Sampling: What Other Questers Most Need to Tell Themselves About 2016

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