Our world is gripped by fear and anxiety right now and we are hearing many negative stories. At the same time, if we look, we will find many examples of people taking care of each other. Kindness is free. Conscious acts of kindness for another can have a dramatic impact at times like these.

~ Tim Snell, Share Conscious Acts of Kindness to Help Others

Shift Your Focus to Kindness

Try this to shift your focus. Set aside time to let those worries and fears surface. Maybe make a list of them. See if they have anything useful to offer. Then compassionately offer yourself a way to shift to a calm and centered place.

Members of the Keys to Change Community recently shared some great ideas for showing themselves the kindness and compassion that helps them get more calm and centered.

Finding ways to calm and center yourself feels good, and puts you in a good place to share kindness and support with others. 

Giving and Receiving Kindness

These are some of the acts of kindness others (and I) are offering and receiving:

Making our way through this time of turbulent change means honoring ourselves as deserving compassion and kindness. It means strengthening our own reserves so we remain well while extending ourselves to others.

Offering You Kindness

At a time when the healing effects of coaching, writing workshops and Reiki are so much needed, many are in a difficult or less-than-secure place financially. I understand this completely. I want everyone to have access to the help and support that can make a difference right now. I’m responding with these gifts, from my heart to yours.

I am offering free online events in the coming months. You can keep up with these by joining my email list, and on my Facebook page.

My private Facebook group, the Keys to Change Community, has always been free. Come join us!

And so long as so many people’s financial well-being is affected by the pandemic, all Keys to Change services are offered on a pay-what-you-wish basis. There’s no red tape or need to prove anything to me.

I trust you to be honest about what you can afford, whether that’s my full fee or a portion of it.


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