In What if You Could Get UnBusy, I offered a “time pie chart” exercise there? If you tried it, you’ve  likely found some things you’d like to do less of, in order to make room for what matters most to you. Would you like to go directly to the exercise? Here’s the link.

Maybe you want more time for political activism, for family, for friends, for creative pursuits, for just being, for self-care, or for all of these. Maybe you want less time spent on things that keep you busy but don’t feel productive, purposeful or satisfying.

We live in a world that glorifies busyness and whose demands of us are limitless. Under these conditions, and in times of heightened stress, it’s easier for us to react to others’ expectations than to figure out and do what we find means the most, that fulfills us and brings a sense of joy.

Taking thoughtful action involves taking the time to identify what we most want in our lives, what impact we wish to have, and what things we wish to let go of.

What You Can Do

Try brainstorming, by using these prompts to write, make an informal video, or talk with a trusted friend.

  1. I would like to spend more time doing __[activity, behavior]____.
  2. In order to do this, I can spend less time doing ____[activity, behavior] by ___[strategy, such as, delegating to someone else; deciding this is something I can say “no” to]___.
  3. If I were to change my life in this way, I would ___[how you’d feel; what you’d do; how you would be].
  4. If I don’t make this change, I will _________[how you’ll feel; what you’ll do; how you’ll be]____.
    One thing I can do this week in order to start making this change is ___[this can be a small, do-able step, or a large one].
  5. The barriers to making this change are ________________________.
  6. Here’s what will help me make this change: ________________.


Try this out and see what emerges! Let me know how it’s going.

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