Of all the decades I’ve spent on this earth, this week has been the longest.

~ John Pavloviz, @JohnPavloviz

This week to me, and maybe to you, feels like a culmination of the stress that started with the 2016 election, escalated during the pandemic, and peaked this year’s election. In the midst of all this extraordinary challenge, we’ve had all the regular stuff of life to handle, both celebrations and struggles. I have so much respect for what it’s taking to manage all this.

These times call for each of us to bring our best selves to the world. Each of us has something important and meaningful to contribute. In order to do that though, we have to take the best possible care of ourselves. We can do this in two ways, by cultivating compassion toward ourselves and others, and by deepening our self-care practices. And we can remember that simply by being ourselves – by acting on our greatest values and deepest beliefs we are a positive presence in the world – we make a difference.


Compassion allows you to get close enough to suffering, and yet distant enough to stay grounded and balanced.

~ Michal Spiegelman

These are times that call for us to stay grounded and centered, showing genuine compassion toward ourselves and others. I’m so glad I attended Michal Spiegelman’s Compassion Meditation on Monday.  It helped me to ground, center and remember compassion toward self and others. It brought me back to who I am and how I want to be at this very challenging time. If you’d like some of that for yourself, you can find  the recording of  her guided meditation here.

Deepened Self-Care

Our ability to be an uplifting presence, to take thoughtful action, and to be in full alignment with our truest selves is critically important right now. This is how we make a meaningful difference in the world.

We can only be that presence when we’re taking good care of ourselves, allowing us to be find ways to shift our attention from challenging emotion to that which lifts us up, renews us and brings us joy.

This week, self-Reiki is what I turned to when I woke up to Wednesday’s post-election turmoil. It allowed  me to set aside anxiety and turn toward hope and possibility.
That’s what motivated me to start offering weekly half-hour distant Reiki sessions this week. I knew that others would benefit from Reiki’s healing energy, too. If you’d like  to give it a try, you can join simply by letting me know you’re interested. Those who have taken part report back experiencing deep relaxation, profound calm, and feeling being better able to cope.

How I Got Involved in Reiki

I got involved with Reiki whens I was in the lengthy process of recovering from cancer treatment. I was curious to see if it could offer a deepened self-care practice to support my continued health and healing. I didn’t know what to expect. The immediate difference it made in restoring well-being, joy and enthusiasm was so powerful that I continued my Reiki studies with Michal Spiegelman, and am now a Reiki Master. It’s the greatest honor to be able to share my knowledge of Reiki, and to offer Reiki energy healing sessions.

Let the Stars Inspire You

Let the beauty of the stars inspire you and make you dream of the better world we can create together. And let compassion and deep self-care bring you the strength, resilience, creativity and compassion that allow you to share those dreams with  the world.

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