Government Shutdown 2013 Day Seven 10

Government Shutdown 2013 Day Seven 10 (Photo credit: Stephen D. Melkisethian)

I could go on at length about the government shutdown, what it says about our political system and how bad it is for the country but will refrain. Instead of doing that here, let’s see if we make something good come out of this furlough mess.

If you’re directly affected by being furloughed you might be feeling the disorientation of an abrupt (even if somewhat foreshadowed) change. Daily routines, social and professional contacts with colleagues – oh and income – all disrupted by political brinksmanship.

So how, you might ask, could something good come of this? Here’s my thought: Suppose you use some of this perhaps unwanted time to do some reflecting and clarifying about where you are now in your life and where you’d next like to go. While there’d be some work involved in this, my approach to self-assessment and coaching is creative and fun.

What’s the offer? If you’re furloughed and want to check out how life coaching can help with changes, transitions and planning for reaching goals, here’s your first-come, first-serve, time-limited chance to give it a try. Get in touch to see about participating in up to 3 free  45-minute life coaching sessions.  I will give 3 no-cost sessions to  the first 5 furloughed federal employees who respond to this offer. Why? Because it seems to me that it’s a good thing to do and the right thing to do.

How can I check this out ?  To find out more, get in touch  by 10/25/13.We’ll start out with a brief phone call to make sure we both think we can work together effectively. If we decide to continue for up to 3 sessions, we can meet either in person or by phone.

Who is this really for?  This offer is for furloughed federal government workers interested in life coaching. If you’d like an empathic listener, support during the transitions a furlough brings, or structure for working on a life change (whether furlough-related or not) life coaching is often tremendously helpful. I can vouch for coaching helping me get unstuck and move forward with a big decision I wanted to make and act on.

What can I expect? This is about you.  You define what interest, question or decision you’d like to discuss. There is no pressure to get involved or to continue. I won’t try to move you into  paid services. We’ll use our brief first contact to find out what your interests are and if life coaching can address those interests. If so we’ll set up time to meet by phone, Google hangout or in person, depending on where you live and what you prefer.

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