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How’s Life?

This first resource will help you decide if coaching at Keys to Change is a good fit with what you’re seeking. The second is an overall assessment of how things are going for you in eight key areas of life. The third will help identify where you are in the stages of one of life’s inevitable changes. Use this Wheel of Life handout to take a look at how things are going for you in eight major life areas. It will help clarify where things stand now. You can journal about the questions at the end, or if you like set up a no-cost, initial conversation to discuss what you learned from this resource.

My Wheel of Life – click here to download.

Got Change?

Change is normal, natural and predictable — and often one heck of a challenge to handle. When you’re considering making a change, or find yourself in the midst of one, that’s  a great time to get some help. Complete this questionnaire to identify where you are on the spiral of change. The questionnaire doesn’t analyze or rate you. It will give us guidance for holding a conversation about where you are, and a way to identify how to move through this phase of change successfully. It will help us key into the supports that will be helpful and pitfalls to watch out for.  Access the questionnaire by clicking here.

Directions: Under “coach” enter my name, Nancy L. Seibel and this email address nlseibel[at]me[dot]com.

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