Hello to you as you read this latest #Quest2015 post. Hello to visionary Todd Henry who asks the Quest2015 pack:

If you knew that your life’s story will be written based upon your choices and actions in 2015, how will you live?

See more here about Todd and the other 12 visionaries who are helping the Quest2015 pack spend this month imagining our next,  best 12 months.

I get it. The choices we make and the things we do each day create our life’s story. The chicken soup and homemade bread I just had for lunch. The cup of coffee I had afterward. The handmade gifts I gave today. The time I took to make this doodle.



I was a little surprised at what it turned out to be. I had in mind a pie with lots of different-sized slices. Instead I ended up with a clock. It doesn’t have numbers or hands, because it doesn’t tell time. It tells life, with four equal-sized elements tied together with exuberantly different yet recognizable spirals.

All four areas are equally important. They are the basis for the coming year’s choices and actions.  Each is about how I connect to myself and to others, about how I impact what Jeffrey Davis, organizer and leader of Quest 2015, calls “my patch of the planet.”

To be genuine: be who I am, to live according to my values, no bullshit taken or given. To look at the dark and the light within and without.

To be active: as in physically active, proactive and interactive, taking action and being involved.

To be joyful: to notice, appreciate, share generously, love fully, laugh deeply. And

To be thoughtful: reflect and learn, question things, acknowledge and release sorrow, care, consider, and create.

These four elements will be my touchstone. I will ask, Are my choices and actions grounded in each of these four areas of my life? If so, then I’m going to like that life story.

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