Is purpose important? If so, why?  Research is showing  that a sense of  purpose is matters because it:

  1. Can help us live longer.
  2. Strengthens our resilience.
  3. Improves health.
  4. Improves relationships
  5. Increases happiness.

Our sense of purpose, says Richard Leider is made up of our natural abilities (our gifts), the things we care about deeply (our passions), and the things that are most important to us (our values). Our sense of purpose is deeply connected who we are. Seeking to understand our sense of purpose means seeking to more deeply understand ourselves. The time spent doing this isn’t self-indulgence. Yes, it does benefit us. It connects us to our own gifts, passions and values. These are the things that motivate us to get up and get going every day. Acting on our purpose brings feelings of contentment, peace and satisfaction.

It also benefits others. Discovering, or rediscovering, our purpose helps us connect to something larger than ourselves. It allows us to share our gifts with the world, doing something meaningful to make it a better place. “Mattering matters” Richard Leider reminds us.

Our sense of purpose guides us in the decisions and choices we make throughout life. While it doesn’t make the big decisions for us, it helps us by providing clarity and focus. A sense of purpose serves as an internal GPS, helping us to create goals and identify the options for reaching them.

Important as it is, almost 80% of people in the U.S report that they don’t have a strong sense of purpose. That means a lot of us may be searching for or re-discovering our purpose. That search can be a tough and lonely process, but it doesn’t have to be.

Recently I was certified to offer Carol McClelland Fields‘ wonderful  Purpose Clarity coaching program. It  consists of four time-tested steps that, coupled with with individualized support and guidance, turns your passions into purpose and direction. One of my clients said this in the midst of her Purpose Clarity Intensive:

I got involved in Purpose Clarity coaching expecting to go through a series of steps and get a big reveal in the end. But each week has been a big reveal. My purpose has been there all along, I can see it now when I look back at my career choices. And now I can state it clearly and use it to help me make some big decisions.

Like her, you can go from searching to focused, from confusion to clarity. Find out  how you can get involved in the Purpose Clarity Intensive’s 4-step process here.

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