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Do your weekends pass by in a blur of activity? That can mean you had a lot of fun. But if you find yourself exhausted on Sunday evenings, wondering how you’ll face the work week, it might be time for a  review of how you’re spending your weekends. Is there something you could stop doing, or do less of, in order to create time for something you want to do more of? What would help you do that?

I asked myself that question because I felt like I was constantly working and getting exhausted in the process. I ended up shifting some typical weekend chores into smaller chunks of time during the week. I’ve also shifted my attitude a bit. Ijust say no to trying to get the house totally clean and getting all my projects and tasks done in one 48 hour period. I’d rather be riding my bike!

If you could eliminate something from your weekend schedule, what would it be? Tell me by taking the poll below.

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