Quest 2015. Our previous prompt from Todd Kashdan invited us to explore our dark side, those things about which we feel shame or guilt. The things we don’t readily tell others.  Our most recent prompt from Sunni Brown takes us to a different place. She asks us:

How could you make moments of joy a sacred priority in 2015?

Find out more about Sunni and our other visionary leaders here.

This is what I did first:

I puzzled over what to do next. I can name two pieces of the puzzle. One is the word “sacred.” I never use that word. It’s not one I want to use now. To my ear, it’s out of tune.

The other piece holds this the question: where has my joy gone? It seems like forever since I felt that wash of pure, light-filled joy. Happiness, delight, laughter, curiosity and passion – all present and accounted for. But joy? Not so much.

That’s due to a steady, small stream of sorrow that’s not ready to go away. Maybe this is an inevitable part of being older. Maybe not. This sorrow is the third piece of the puzzle.

How to find joy in 2015? The thought forms: first let the sorrow run free. Yes, I think that’s it. The leap from looking at the dark side to cultivating joy isn’t such a big one, is it?

In 2015, I will do what I learned in a journaling workshop. Spend what time I can, 5-15 minutes each day, journaling about sorrow. See where it leads. See if it leads to joy. I’m pretty sure it will.

A growing pack is participating in #Quest2015. We’re  spending December imagining our best 12 months. We’re lead in this quest by Jeffrey Davis, discovering where 12 prompts from 12 visionary leaders take us. You can still join in; we’re a welcoming pack.

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