I can’t even tell you how much I love my friend Stephanie Capps Dyke’s recent Instagram post. She’s a quilter extraordinaire, a fellow introvert, a great teacher,  and a gifted writer. Here’s an excerpt:

The bottom line is that a virus doesn’t care. But humans do. We can channel our fear and helplessness into the things we DO have control over. Tell our loved ones how much they are loved. Delight our fellow humans by spreading humor and creativity far and wide. Ask: what can I do to help my community?

Being scared makes us feel very alone and prone to poor decisions and illogical/emotional thinking. But we’re not alone because there are 7,500,000,000 others with the same problem, even if they aren’t experiencing it the same way you and I are….

Fear and hope are both viral too. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather catch a case of hope.

(emphasis added)

It’s natural and human to find ourselves sometimes feeling worried, anxious or frightened.

We’re in uncharted territory and there’s not much of a road map showing us how to navigate it. Among the most important things we can do right now are to strengthen our own ability to cope by :


Let’s spread the antidote to worry: joy, love and hope.

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