Write Night

Join this Write Night playshop at Impact Hub Baltimore for a unique social and learning experience. Why should you come? Because you want to deepen your connections with yourself and others. Because you want to carve out time for personal development writing, with expert guidance and with the support and encouragement of others. Because no one will read or critique your writing, so there’s no pressure.

Write Night is a relaxed hybrid of a social evening and a workshop. I call it a playshop, because we get to experiment and play with a variety of exercises and approaches to writing for well-being. Those with little to no writing experience can benefit, as well as those who write professionally or would like to. This playshop doen’t provide teaching or guidance in writing for publication or for professional reasons. It’s emphasis is on describing experiences, and on deeply and honestly expressing thoughts and feelings. You are the intended audience for what you write! Many who get involved inwriting for well-being experience increased self-understanding and self-expression. As  shown by research and experience, this can improve mood, physical and mental health, and can enhance overall life satisfaction. These outcomes are likely, though not guaranteed!

We won’t discuss the content of the writing but you do get the chance to hear about each other’s experience with it. Come ready to try out something that may be new to you!


There was a nice combination of people – young, old, men, women, etc. I did enjoy the relaxation practice at the beginning because I needed to BREATHE!. As always I very much enjoyed the writing and you especially.

Kathleen Hambrick, IT professional

Write Night Participant


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