Julia Barnickle and I connected in perhaps the unlikeliest of ways. She’s a a film maker, photographer, artist and writer living with metastatic breast cancer. I’m a life and wellness coach, writing facilitator, and Reiki practitioner diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, about 2.5 years post treatment with no evidence of disease. 

She lives in England. I live in the US. The ordinary course of our lives would never have brought us together, despite the disease we have in common. But we each found our way to Marie Ennis O’Connor’s blog, Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer.  And we’re now both are among the bloggers regularly featured in Marie’s Weekly Round Up.

What if Life Isn’t Meant to Be About Suffering?

Last year Julia came up with this provocative question: 

What if life were meant to be easy? 

Her question challenges us to consider what comes up for us in response.

She’s not advocating that we all loll around doing nothing but eat bon-bons and binge watch TV shows on Netflix. Though there’s a certain seductive appeal to that notion, isn’t there?

Nor is she denying that life includes suffering. In fact, if anyone knows the realities of distress and suffering, Julia does. She’s had three primary cancers and three secondary (metastatic) cancers. For the past five years she’s lived with “terminal” breast cancer.

She is instead asking us to consider what it would be like if we invited greater ease and flow into our lives.

What is An “Easy Life”?

An “easy” life isn’t about doing nothing. It’s about being true to yourself – being “creative” in the most comprehensive sense, honouring your soul’s desires and being brave enough to make changes in your life’s path when things aren’t working out.

~ Julia Barnickle

Julia invited 20 writers, herself included, to kick off her “Easy Life” project by submitting essays sharing their perspectives about what an “easy life” is. She gathered an audience that who wanted to read and respond to the contributed essays. One of the many great things about it was that the authors jumped into the conversations, responding graciously to readers’ comments.

My Thoughts On An “Easy Life”

In sewing, ease is the difference between body size and the pattern’s dimensions, the room left for comfort and free movement. 

Here’s what I’ve been wondering about since getting involved in Julia’s project: What if life isn’t about hustle and busyness? What if it’s about bringing ease (freedom; room to move) and flow into my days? What changes would that bring to my life?

And now I’m inviting you to consider these questions too. 

You can find out more about Julia’s “Easy Life” project here.

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