Here’s how you can identify your gifts to the world, the special strengths and talents you offer that can make the world a better place. Trace your hand. By each finger and your thumb, write a word or phrase that identifies something you love to do. Then, one by one, ask yourself, What is it about ____________ that I love so much? How is _____ a gift I bring to others? Say your answers out loud. Write them down. You likely will find some surprises in there. You’ll uncover what matters most to you, and recognize what others value in your gifts. You’ll acknowledge and claim the importance of these gifts.

We all have strengths and talents – things we’re especially good at, things we love doing, things others turn to us for. They come so easily and naturally to us. Very likely we’ve been doing them for so long we don’t recognize them as special gifts. Yet these things that make our hearts sing. These gifts bless us and bless others.

I’m a knitter. I love making something that didn’t exist before from just a strand of yarn and a pair of needles. I love creating something handmade, beautiful and useful. That is how knitting blesses me. It blesses the recipient who knows they are loved, cared for and held in mind. They have something that is useful, beautiful (I hope!) and a reminder of our connection. That’s how the thing I love is a gift to others.

Through these exchanges of gift and gratitude we make ourselves stronger, and the world better. Our strengths and talents can have an impact for good that we might not have imagined. I’m impressed by those who are engaging in social activism through knitting and other fibre arts.

A writer I know started volunteering in a local children’s literacy program. She loves words, and is passionate about reading and writing. It makes sense to her to be an activist by doing something she loves, that energizes her, and that helps children become well educated citizens.

Our strengths and talents can inform our everyday activism, the decisions we make and the actions, large and small, that we take to build a better world.

Would you like to explore how you can use your strengths and talents to build a better world? I invite you to join me and others who enjoy discovering their best selves through writing for personal growth and well-being.

In February we’re focusing on identifying and claiming our strengths and talents. If you’re local to Baltimore, we’ll be identifying strengths and talents at this in-person Write Night on February 16th, 2017. If you prefer an online event, join us for Write for You on February 23rd at 5 PM eastern.

Write Night is a monthly, pay-what-you-wish event. Write for You is offered monthly at no cost during 2017 to purchasers of my e-book, The Write Way to Well-Being Guide and Workbook, available here for $12.99.

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