We use the word “hope” in so many ways. There’s small “h” hope and capital “h” hope. Small “h” hope expresses our everyday wishes and expectations. We say things like, “I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow,”  “I hope you feel better soon,” or, “Let’s hope the bus isn’t late.” These hopes express our wishes for ourselves and one another, reflecting the rhythms and dailiness of our lives.

Capital “H” hope is more complex, addressing larger issues in the world around us. Capital “H” hopes speak to our hopes for the things that impact our lives now, and the lives of future generations. These include our hopes for environmental sustainability, for social justice, or for a fix to our broken political system.

Both kinds of hope matter. They fuel our actions for building better lives and a better world. Yet today, hope can be hard to find and hold onto. To change that, we need the Department of Hope (DOH). The DOH keeps hope alive for us and those we connect with. It’s where we can share inspiration, ideas, resources, and experiences.

The DOH isn’t found within any government or private organization.The DOH is found wherever we are. It consists of all of us who have a clear vision of what is and of what can be, and who are ready to forge the connections and take the actions that will move us toward that vision.

Visit often. Share your experiences. Let’s build the DOH together!

Hope Embodied

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. with awe and gratitude. His commitment, vision, courage and message are as meaningful and as inspirational today as they were 42 years ago. He embodied hope. We need that hope today as much as we ever did. King was a...

Welcome to the Department of Hope

The Department of Hope isn’t a part of any government, agency or organization.
It has no budget, no building, no board of directors. But it is more than just an idea. It is a force for good. It is what we deeply believe in and dearly value. It’s what we do.


We need hope to see how to make our own lives, others’ lives and this one world of ours a better place. That’s my purpose in life.

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